3 ways to easily add enrichment to your dog walk

Whether you and your dog enjoy a 5 mile hike in the country or a lap around the park it is important to ensure that your dog gets exercised mentally as well as physically.

what is enrichment?

Bringing enrichment into your dogs daily life will help overcome boredom, teach them new skills and provide mental stimulation. Not only will it build on your relationship that you already have together but it will also build your dogs confidence.

Dogs enjoy working , especially if they get rewarded for it too, this is one of their natural behaviours. Sometimes it can be as simple as using your imagination when out on a walk that will encourage your dog to use their problem solving skills.

types of enrichment

There are 6 main types of enrichment that you can provide for your dog.

  1. Social Enrichment – this involves socialising your dog with other people, other animals, other situations. It can be as simple as visiting a different location where there are new smells to be sniffed and new experiences to learn.
  2. Cognitive Enrichment