enjoy guilt free time away from your dog

with DOGGY GAME EXPERT Caroline Sammon

for dogs THAT DESERVE a rebarkably great time!

Hi, I’m Caroline

I am the face behind The Pet Sitter Solihull and Rebarkable Dog Adventures.
The place dedicated to providing first class care to your pets.
The place for dogs looking for a rebarkably great time!
Whether you’re spending your day at the office worrying that your dog is home alone, feeling sad, and missing you.
Or, you’re a busy dog owner struggling to find the time to give your dog the exercise they need.
I am here to help you achieve peace of mind whilst your dogs enjoy a rebarkable experience.
No longer do you have to worry or feel guilty the minute you close the front door.
No longer do you have to put your holiday plans on hold.
Whether your dog joins us on a weekly Rebarkable Dog Adventure, or requires a feeding visit, or overnight care, using our unique MISSION REBARKABLE FORMULA your pet will receive the best TLC that they deserve.

3 ways i can help you…

rebarkable dog adventures

Do you have a high energy dog that you hate leaving at home whilst you head out to work?

Do you feel guilty every time you close the front door wondering what destruction they may cause whilst you’re not there?

Do you worry about them throughout the day that they might be bored and lonely.

A totally unique experience for your dog that will provide your dog with exercise, enrichment activities, training and of course plenty of fun and games.

A Rebarkably Great Time guaranteed !

overnight pet care

Are you looking to book your next family holiday?

Do you worry about your pets feeling lonely and not having the companionship that they are use to from you?

Do you want your pets to stay in the comfort of their own home?

You can go on holiday feeling relaxed safe in the knowledge that your pets will experience first class care from a pet professional.

We look after both your pet, and your home so you can enjoy your nights away.

Cat feeder Solihull

cat feeding & small animal care

Are you a cat owner?

Are you struggling with the thought of leaving your cat(s) when you’re away overnight?

Is the thought of going on holiday causing you to feel anxious and stressed rather than excited and calm?

0ur first class care packages will enable you to leave the house knowing that your cats are in safe, and experienced hands.

With different visiting options you can choose the package that is right for you and your cat(s).

free 5 day challenge.

Do you want to learn new games, tricks and challenges and become a games master with your dog too?

makers of pet happiness!

But don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying!

The dogs absolutely adore her – the tails (and entire bodies) go crazy when they hear her van coming up the road and they can’t wait to jump into her van and disappear off for an adventure. They play all sorts of games and come back exhausted. Sleepy dogs = happy owners.


Mum to Ginny and Luna

We had no concerns when we were away as we knew our pups were well loved and looked after in our absence.

The dogs and I couldn’t be any happier with all that Caroline does


Mum to Willow and Wicket

I used to hate leaving Molly when I went to work and would spend the day worrying. She would bark constantly. But now she goes on the adventures I can see what an amazing time she’d had – not just from the photos and videos, but from how tired she is afterwards. She loves playing all the games and gets so excited when Caroline’s van pulls up outisde.


Mum to Molly

They are a lively bunch and it was clear they had a great time with Caroline, lots of fun and love.


Mum to Reggie, Lola and Rupert

David has the best time ever when he is on his adventures. He loves meeting up with his doggy pals and trying out new games and activities. Seeing him go off on the Teddy Bears picnic adventure with his Mr Crocodile toy was so cute.

I also love the fact that I don’t have to feel guilty about leaving him whilst I’m at work. He is literally smiling in all the photos I receive.


Mum to David

Whilst we were away I felt at ease and loved all the updates & the personal touches from start to finish. You have just blown my mind !! 


Mum to Bella and Berry

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