Meet the team behind the pet sitter solihull.

We’re a caring team made up of humans and furry creatures that love the outdoors, cuddles, treats and 6am zoomies around the house (the furry creatures, definitely not the humans 😉)


General Poop Cleaner and Pet Carer

Loves running (5k), cooking (savoury not sweet), taking photos (amateur), coffee (strong and milky), a good film (romantic), beach walks (on a windy day), charity work (volunteer with The Cinnamon Trust) chocolate digestive biscuits (dark) and all animals (no exceptions).


The Accountant and Pet Carer

Loves football (Arsenal supporter), coffee (black), heavy metal music (Slip Knot), digestive biscuits (plain), a good film (horror), country walks (the hillier the better), spreadsheets (its the accountant in him) and all animals (no exceptions).

Cat Sitters Solihull


Office Manager & The Boss

Don’t tell her, but Ivy is actually the boss of everyone. If she’s not happy she will let you know, she didn’t get her nickname Grumble Puss for no reason. Ivy is definitely a morning cat, she loves a snuggle in bed first thing. Make the most of this time as that will be the only cuddle you’ll get from her.

Cat feeder Solihull


Social Media Manager & Cuddle Provider

A gentle giant is this beautiful boy Ivar. He will always come in for an evening cuddle and if you’ve got the time for tummy tickles he’ll be your best friend.

pet sitters solihull


Marketing Manager & Lead Mischief Maker

If there is any mischief going on in the house then the finger of suspicion invariably points to this little chap! Ivan’s favourite hobbies include licking shower trays, climbing up bare legs with claws out and hiding under bathroom mats ready to pounce on any nearby toes.

Small pet care solihull


Rainbow Bridge Greeter

Along with Spike, Molly, Domino Snickers, Fudge and Bella; we like to think that Podge is playing in the grass and eating strawberries at the Rainbow Bridge. She is ready to greet all who join her 🌈