Have you ever been concerned about your safety on your dog walk?

Would you like to explore new dog walks but worry about being vulnerable?

Whether you’re picking up after your dog has done their business, are on a lonesome walk with just you and your dog or catching up on the latest podcast episode the chances are you won’t have your full attention on your surroundings all the time.

Dogs can be distracting, which makes them, and you a prime target for any muggers or dog thieves lurking around.

What would you do in the event of an attack?

How do you go about protecting yourself and your dog?

How could you stop an attacker in his tracks by acting early?

Unfortunately we live in a world where even the simplest act of taking your dog for a walk in the park could lead to an attack on you, your dog or both.

Whilst we can’t stop the idiots who choose an act of crime, we can learn how to defend ourselves and our dogs so that we can reduce the chances of becoming a victim.

Are you ready to learn vital skills and learn how to trust your instincts?

Do you want to have a toolbox that becomes second nature so that you can use it whenever you need to?

I am super excited to announce that I have teamed up with Gulshen Bano from Strikeback Self Defence to bring self defence training to female dog owners.

This two day workshop runs on

Saturday 11th February 10am – 2pm


Saturday 18th February 10am – 12pm (with the option to bring your dog along)

After this training you will know:

  • How to spot dangers and potential threats – Learn key skills and learn how to trust your instincts
  • Learn how to use your voice effectively
  • Avoidance and Deescalation skills – How to safely avoid the need for a confrontation altogether
  • Determination skills – Having a fighting and survival mindset.
  • How to turn the tables when you need to!
  • Prevention techniques – Stopping an attacker in his tracks by acting early
  • Simple physical techniques and skills – Simple physical self defence skills based on your bodies natural reactions.
  • Easy striking skills using your hands
  • Easy striking skills using your legs- including simple but effective kicks
  • How to escape common grabs on the street or in the park
  • How to turn the tables on your attacker quickly no matter how strong he is – Using yourself as a weapon to gain the upper hand.

This workshop will also be adapted to cover potential dog snatches and what you can do if you feel the threat is aimed at your dog.

How would you handle a situation where there was more than one potential attacker with the main target being your dog? This workshop will equip you with life skills enabling you to have the confidence to deal with everything whilst protecting your beloved pet.

No prior experience or fitness level is needed. The workshop is for all woman who wants to feel more confident when out walking their dog.

Click here to book your ticket for this 2 day self defense training.