Rebarkable Dog Adventures

They’re called Rebarkable for a reason!

We don’t do walks, we embrace adventures.

Do you spend your day at the office worrying that your dog is home alone, feeling sad, and missing you?

Are you a busy dog owner who struggles to find time to give your dog the exercise they need?

Or perhaps you work from home and need to focus on your work without the distraction of your attention wanting dog?

We are here to help!

Your high energy dog will love our fun and engaging Rebarkable Dog Adventures.

With access to secure fenced fields they’ll enjoy spending time running off lead, sniffing and exploring new surroundings. Plenty of exercise is guaranteed, along with learning new challenges, opportunities to practise their training, AND it wouldn’t have the Rebarkable seal of approval if there weren’t lots of games to be played.

Not only do you get around 2 ½ hours of doggy free time, but you also get a dog returned that is both mentally and physically exercised.

Games we play

Your dog is on an adventure to have fun and play games. Whichever Rebarkable adventure your dog is on they are structured so that every dog gets to play their favourite game.

Our top favourite games are Find It, Tug, Catch, and Hide and Seek…but we have plenty more to choose from.

Tricks we learn

This is your dog’s time to shine. Whether we are mastering a simple sit or learning a roll over, your dog will get the opportunity to show off their skills.

On every adventure your dog will work through a ‘Super Six” trick routine. Don’t worry we don’t give them scorecards, because everyone is a winner in our eyes.

With plenty of praise and encouragement our Adventure Leaders are here to support, guide and encourage your dog.

Challenges we master

Our adventures bring a combination of exercise, training, praise, interaction and enrichment.

On some adventures we may be practicing our agility skills or perfecting our scent work.

We Collect

We head off from your home to our countryside adventure location aboard the Rebarkable Bus.

With it’s five custom fitted steel canine cages your dog will travel in safety, and in style!

We Explore

Getting away to rural places for sniffing enjoyment and wild exploration is top priority for our adventurers.

You won’t find us sniffing around rubbish bins in a boring dog park!

We Exercise

With access to a secure fenced area your dog will get plenty off lead fun.

Every adventure is structured using our unique Rebarkable Enrichment Procedure which means your dog gets to enjoy a range of different activities.

We Play

With two Human Adventure Leaders on every adventure, we ensure that the play is focused with the humans rather than each other.

Your dog may be challenged to a fun game of tug, or hide and seek, or catch.

With a whole variety of games up our sleeves we are sure even the shyest of dogs will enjoy a game or two.

We Enrich

With new tricks to learn, or challenges to master, every Rebarkable Adventure gives your dog the opportunity to try something new.

On every adventure we get to practise our ‘super six’ trick routine.

We Return

After a minimum of 1½ hours of fun and exercise we head back onboard the Rebarkable Bus for our return journey home.

After a well earned snooze on the journey your dog will be back home fully exercised.

All that’s left to do is send out the pupdates and photos at the end of the day!

A uniquely different experience for your dog!

We don’t do walks, we do adventures!

Do you hate leaving your dog at home whilst you head out to work?

Do you feel guilty every time you close the frontdoor?

Do you worry about them throughout that they might be bored and lonely.

Mini Solo Rebarkable Adventure

A 45 minute solo adventure is a great starter option for new Rebarkable dogs and those that prefer a 1:1 service.


Rebarkable Exploration Trek

A 1½ hour exploration trek through woodland and countryside. Great for dogs that enjoy exploring, sniffing and mooching around the countryside. Great for owners that are out of the house all day.

Dogs will need to be good on lead – no strong pullers.

Limited spaces £25

The Ultimate Rebarkable Adventure

1½ hours of high energy off lead fun. Great for dogs that love to play games, learn new challenges and practice their training skills. Great for owners that are out of the house all day.

Limited spaces £32

Weekend Overnight Pet Sitting

Great for owners that need a weekend away and great for dogs that hate going to a boarder or kennels. A pet care professional will stay in your home overnight from 4.30pm – 8.30am on Friday and Saturday night and take your dog for a mini solo adventure on the Saturday.


Hi I’m Caroline,

I help you to go from worried to worry free, and for your dog to go from lonely, to happy and enriched.

We explore, we exercise, we play, we train.

We go on a variety of Rebarkable Adventures, and your dog is invited too.

I believe a happy dog is one that is both mentally and physically exercised.

Which means that you can enjoy your evening together knowing that your best friend has had a pawsome day!

Ready to sign your dog up for the next adventure?

Find out what fun your dog could be having.