from cats to dogs, we lead with love

dog walking

Does your dog get lonely when left home alone? Do you worry that your dog will get up to mischief whilst you’re out of the house? Do you dread facing the neighbours because of your dogs barking whilst you’re out of the house?

We have a solution! Our regular daily dog walks provide plenty of exercise, fun and engagement for your dog.

rebarkable dog adventures

Are you a busy professional? Do you have an energetic dog that needs more than a quick walk round the block? Do you feel guilty because you don’t have the time during the week to offer your dog a long country walk?

Applications are open now for our midweek Dog Adventure Treks.

cats & small animal care

Take away the worry and stress of leaving your cats, your small pets, and your home by having a daily visit from one of our professional pet carers.

Our first class service ensures that your cats & small animals receive the care they need and the cuddles they enjoy.

overnight pet and house sitting

Are you an excited traveller that is looking forward to going on holiday again? Does the thought of leaving your dog at the kennels cause you stress and anxiety? The Pet Sitter Solihull is the perfect solution, enabling your dog to stay in the comfort of his/her own home.

Our trusted pet care professional will be there to tend to all your dogs needs.