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Having pets in your life is extremely rewarding, but it also brings many obstacles too.

The problem I have, and which ultimately became the reason behind launching The Pet Sitter Solihull is that I have 3 indoor cats which means I have 5 litter trays to clean out, 2 cats that love constant attention which includes compulsory tummy tickles. 2 meals sittings per day, 2 cats whom seem to be the messiest eaters ever (maybe it’s a boy thing 😉). 3 cats that leave a trail of litter throughout the house, 1 cat that needs regular grooming and if that wasn’t enough until recently, I had Podge the Guinea Pig.

The joy I do get is having 3 cats running down the stairs to greet me whenever I return home no matter the length of time I’ve been away.


You need a really special friend / neighbour to look after all that!

I am totally blessed with really special neighbours, but what if I wasn’t so lucky, or what if they were away or found it far too time consuming. What if I wanted them to love and care for my pets like I do, feed them, clean out their trays, play with them, close my curtains, put my lights on, take out the wheelie bin and water a few plants at each visit. Oh and send me photos and videos so that I felt up to date with what was going on.

If you can relate to this and want to get away in 2022 without the guilt of leaving your pets and relying on friends and family members to provide tailored care to your pets then watch the video below to find out more about The Pet Sitter Solihull.

If you’re ready to book a Meet and Greet then fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Caroline x