13 Reasons Why your dog will enjoy a rebarkable adventure

Are you thinking about ways to enrich your dog’s life whilst you’re at work?
If so, in this week’s video podcast I discuss the 13 reasons why your dog will love to join us as we head into the countryside on a Rebarkable Dog Adventure.

I’m Caroline and I run the Pet Sitter Solihull and on June 7th I will be launching our brand new Rebarkable Dog Adventures. This isn’t about taking your dog out for a 90 minute walk, this is about taking your dog on an adventure. There is a big difference between going for a walk and having an adventure.

In this video podcast I explain who our adventures are ideal for, the types of things we do on an adventure, how these adventures will benefit you and your dog, and why your dog will want to join us.

1. Door to door service

We collect and return your dog so you don’t need to worry about getting them to the right place for the right time. Not going to be in? Not a problem, as long as we have key release form with you we can collect your dog from home.

2. Luxury travel

Your dog will be transported safely and securely in our fully customised van. The van has four cages that have been specially fitted into the van. Whats more, in each cage your dog will also have a comfy bed to lie on.

3. Enrichment

We don’t do walks. We do planned and structured adventures. Every adventure follows our Dog Adventure Safety System which ensures plenty of activities, enrichment, games, fun and training practice.

4. Adventure Leaders

On every adventure there will be 2 Adventure Leaders which means a one person to 2 dogs ratio. This enables us to keep the dogs focussed and ensure that they get plenty of human attention.

5. Playing Games

Whether we do these on an individual basis with each dog or as a group activity, your dog will get to release lots of energy in a fun and rewarding way.

6. Rewards

We are firm believers of the reward based training which is all about using positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviour. There’s not much I won’t do for a treat or two and this is how we work the dogs in our care.

7. having fun

Because that’s what adventures are all about!

8. Exercise

There’s nothing better than mooching in an open field and stretching the legs. With adventures taking place in the countryside we like to put on our walking boots and have a good roam.

9. doggy buddies

With each adventure limited to 4 dogs there is an ample time and opportunity to make a friend or two.

10. sniffing

Whether we are laying down some tracking trails or hiding toys and treats, every adventure ensures plenty of sniffing time.

11. training practice

Carrying on from the training you do with your dog, we will challenge your dog to master all the basic training commands.

12. paw and belly wash down

Exploring the countryside means plenty of opportunities for getting dirty, but don’t worry your dog will be returned cleaned and towel dried.

13. pre and post walk playlist

What could be better than a cheesey 80’s playlist to get us all in the adventuring mood!

There are many good reasons as to why your dog needs to come on an adventure. Perhaps you’re trying to control unwanted behaviour caused from boredom, or you want to improve their physical and mental wellbeing why not call today to find out more about our adventures.

You can contact me on 0121 728 4405 or you can email me at caroline@thepetsittersolihull.com.

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