quick & simple edits to enhance your pet photos

If Instagram has taught us anything, it’s how to create a great photo. From the angle we take the picture, to the lighting, to the editing.

Very few of my photos make it on to social media unless they have been edited first. There is a certain look that I like my pictures to follow, I love saturated colours rather than bright poppy ones. With our cameras in our back pockets it is now easier than ever to create beautiful pictures of our pets.

In this video, I will show you how I use Lightroom to edit all my pictures. Lightroom can be downloaded on either your phone or your computer. I personally think the phone app is much easier to use than the desktop version.

Here’s a few tips to ensure that you get a really good picture, which means that you won’t have to do as much editing.


Take the flash off your camera and vow never to use it again. Always use the natural light wherever possible. If needs be entice your pet towards the window with a few treats. Harsh direct sunlight can cause shadows so on a bright day head towards the shade. Cloudy skies provide a natural diffuser and will soften the light on your images.

Your camera

Make sure your lens is clean. No amount of editing afterwards will be able to take away a finger smudge or a fleck of dust that’s been lingering on your lens. Try and keep your camera as still as possible, easier said than done when you’re trying to entice a pet to look at the camera with your other hand.


Pets can be quick movers, but if you’ve got them standing or sitting still use the focus button on your camera phone to ensure that the picture remains in focus. Try a close up of a paw or nose instead to make a change from a face.

setting the scene

The days of structured and rigid family portraits has thankfully long since gone. In their place are images that capture the scene, such as people laughing, walking or dancing. These candid shots are can still be orchestrated so that you get a good image. For example if you want a nice photo of a group of friends, why not get them to walk towards you rather than standing in a straight line. You could do this with your dog on a lead.

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