W.A.G.G.S – Our system for ensuring quality care at every visit.

When you leave your home and your pets in the hands of a pet carer you want to feel assured that they are providing quality care.

How we ensure that every pet gets the best care and loving attention that they deserve is by following our WAGGS system.

Welcome – When we arrive at your home the first thing that we will do is give your pets a huge amount of fuss, and if they allow it we will happily smoother them in cuddles.

Assess – This is our next stage and is where we check and assess everything. Is your home exactly as it should be, no signs of anything untoward, no leaking taps etc? Are all your pets present and correct? Are they looking healthy? Have litter trays been used? Has food been eaten? Do they need a wee break?

Goals – What is it that you have asked us to do? Which care package are we following? Do curtains need to be closed? Lights turned on? Do we need to groom a cat?

Games – Once we have done all the ‘jobs’ it is now time to give your pet our undivided attention. This is where we play games, have cuddles and generally spend most of out time on the floor making a fuss of your pets.

Security – Is the house secure? Are the pets where they should be and not locked in a room or cupboard. Do we have the keys in our hand before closing the front door? What are our procedures if we did accidently lock our keys inside the house.

We believe our WAGGS system ensures that our service is consistent and ensures that your pets are cared for in a safe, loving and rewarding manner.

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