What does an overnight pet sit look like?

What exactly happens when you hire an overnight pet carer to look after your pets?

If you’re thinking of hiring an overnight pet sitter whilst you’re away you’ll probably have a few questions or queries. In this video podcast I explain what an overnight pet sit looks like and why your pets are better off staying in their own home.

Having someone stay in your home to look after your pet’s may seem like a strange idea, but for your pets wellbeing it may be the best idea.

When you book an overnight sitter with The Pet Sitter Solihull you can relax knowing that your pets are receiving the best care that they deserve.

A pet carer arrives each day at 4.30pm to take your dog(s) out for their evening walk and give them their dinner. The evenings are spent providing companionship, cuddles and having lots of fun. Whether they like a game of tug in the garden or a game of hide and seek indoors, we come equipped with plenty of toys and treats to ensure that your dogs are enriched both mentally and physically.

In the morning after your dog(s) have had their breakfast and their morning walk we leave your home for the day. If you feel your dog would benefit from a 30 minute midday visit we can arrange for that to happen.

Is a pet sitter better than a relative?

This will really depend on the relationship you have (and want to keep) with your relative. Our pet sitters spend time playing and caring for your dog. Our enrichment formula ensures that your dog is happy even though you are not there.

We can water plants, put the rubbish out, get some shopping in, everything to keep the house running smoothly in your absence.

We are pet first aid trained and have access to an on-line vet if there are any concerns about your pets health.

We can work with you to carry on with any training that you are currently doing with your dog.

Is a pet sitter better than a kennel or a boarder?

No-one can replace you, but just because you are leaving the home doesn’t mean your dog needs to. By staying in their home they get to sleep in their usual spot, they get to wee in a their own garden and they get to keep to the house rules that they are used to.

A pet sitter provides 1:1 care for your pet which means that you will get as many updates and photos as you want. You also get access to our personal mobile numbers so that you can speak to us straight away if you should have any concerns.

What do I need to provide and what do you provide?

We bring everything that we need to look after ourselves. This includes our own towels, food, milk, coffee and drinks. All we ask is that you provide a clean bed and bathroom for us to use.

How do you get to know my pet?

If we don’t know your dog already then we recommend a pre-sit bonding session. This is an hour long visit where we can go through all the many questions that you will probably have. We will go through all the forms and information that you have provided so I can ensure that the care that you provide to your pet is maintained seamlessly.

I will also take your dog for a walk (with or without you) so that I know how your dog walks before you go away. If you have a strong puller or an extremely reactive dog, then I may suggest enrichment activities in the garden rather than a walk for the duration of the stay. This is something that we will discuss with you before you leave for your holiday or trip away.

What enrichment activities do you do?

Using the same Mission Rebarkable Formula that we use on our Adventure Walks, our overnight pet sitting services ensure that your dog is exercised, enriched and happy. We bring plenty of toys to keep your dogs entertained. You never know you may have an expert agility runner lurking within your dog. And of course, you’ll receive plenty of videos and photos to prove it!

What is the next step?

If you’re ready to plan your next trip away and want to leave your pets in the best possible care, then you can get in touch with us in a few different ways.

  • Email: caroline@thepetsittersolihull.com
  • Tel: 0121 728 4405

Or hit the button to request a Meet and Greet and I’ll give you a call to book a convenient time in.

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